Tree Trimming

At Tree Service Oxford we offer a wide variety of expert tree services in Oxford, Michigan area that is focused on complete customer satisfaction in addition to our free estimates. We trust your trees should look excellent after cutting, so they won’t expect a long time to develop back and regain their shape.

  • Removal – Our group is amazingly knowledgeable in moving trees from and inside bound territories while using a delicate approach which prevents other trees from being damaged during the procedure. We additionally ALWAYS double check everything being equal and NEVER make suppositions without earlier check for precision. 
  • Vista Pruning – If you have a wonderful view from your home that is blocked by trees, at that point vista pruning will open up your view without harming your trees. Utilizing cautious crown decrease and tree diminishing, we can effectively open up the view above your trees.


  • Fruit Tree Pruning – Fruit trees ought to be pruned each year to keep up their health, energize adjusted development and profitability and control their size and shape. When you plant a fruit  tree, you ought to be devoted to giving the tree appropriate consideration and pruning to maximize both organic product quality and amount for the duration of the life of the tree. 
  • Stump Grinding – Our Stump Grinding process is intended to give professional outcomes just as secure all areas encompassing the work site while minimizing the effect on the area and keeping away from property harm. 
  • Cabling – Cabling is a procedure which consoles and strengthens powerless pieces of trees so as to guarantee safety, long term health of the tree, and enable the tree to keep looking aesthetically awesome. 
  • Tree Planning – We will lead a one on one meeting with all tree planning customers wherein we will cooperate to pick the precise tree they wish to acquire and outline system to help achieve this objective. 
  • Brush Mowing – Brush Mowing is practiced through utilization of a particular tractor trimmer utilized explicitly bring down little bushes and tall grass or weeds which can’t be expelled by an ordinary lawn mower.


Our work is perfect since we do the majority of our pruning by selection and consider every single imaginable outcome which could happen from pruning or expulsion. For us, pruning is the straightforward demonstration of making space for new life and development inside your trees while staying unequivocally inside scope of ISA Standards.

The staff at Tree Service Oxford never shies away from any work and will always provide our services for any plants you may have including bushes and shrubs.

At Your Service

Properly pruning trees and bushes requires a comprehension of tree species, learning of best practices for pruning in Oxford, MI, and a guarantee to continuous education. The arborists at Tree Service Oxford are Oxford, MI’s experts in tree care; and we comprehend the imperative job your trees play in your home’s landscape. We have the expertise and equipment to prune your trees and bushes as per the most recent rules for appearance, health and security.

Could your trees or bushes use some expert consideration? Keep them sound and dynamic with master tree-cutting service from Tree Service Oxford. Contact us today for an estimate.

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